London is one of the principal renowned fashion capitals in the world and an ideal city for its wide variety of fashion, modelling and photography that has global appeal. London has its own unique lifestyle, fashion cultural and artistic photographers and to step inside this world you will find an experience that is quite unique and open to sharing with those who have a passion and interest in capturing moments of life.   

Notting Hill in central London is known internationally and a famous destination for not only tourists but artists, photographs and fashion brands.  Zuzana is based in Notting Hill, central London, being ideally situated to provide her clientele, both national and internationally, with her experience and creativity that comes from her individual and inspiring photos that light up the world of style and fashion photography.

Whether you are a fashion house, fashion retailer or model in your own right, each is a brand that needs to be developed, enhanced and promoted.  Discerning and bespoke photography is essential to attract and hold the attention of your online viewers and clients.  Professionally shot and created photos of you and your website or brand will assist you in building trust online, supported by a library of high-resolution pictures to attract and captivate your audience.

As well as commercial photography, fashion photoshoots can empower and enhance each of your digital selling strategies and your website’s visual storytelling and appeal. Exciting, scintillating, bespoke and captivating fashion and style photos enable your client base to keep you in mind, demonstrate what you are doing and attract attention.

Zuzana’s model and fashion photography comes from years of experience, of working alongside top brands and top models, capturing the essence of a model, mood and moment to evoke emotion and client engagement.  The first impression you make is the most important and crucial, so increase your potential and maximise your opportunities and chances with the highest skilled and produced model, fashion and talent photographs that are unique and totally bespoke.

Whether you looking for a stock PR photos for your brand, a talent portfolio shoot or promotional photography for artists, musicians, singers, presenters, comedians, actors, footballers and personalities, Zuzana has the wealth of knowledge, expertise, insight and experience to assist.  She understands the importance of developing your brand and your image and her stunning portfolios have a ‘wow’ impact. Zuzana’s ideal photography will capture the decisive moments and details for you.

Can you afford Zuzana’s skilled bespoke model, fashion and talent photography services? ?

Yes!  Or rather, can you afford not to! While other photographers and firms charge per image, Zuzana’s unique photography encompasses a flat rate for full-day or half-day shoots, each individually inspired and created to your needs. You get all the photos from the photoshoot, on the day electronically.

It pays to feel relaxed.

Zuzana’s creative photography lends itself well for any natural post editing, individually tailored and edited by Zuzana herself to the highest quality for your use and application. If you are an online digital seller, your critical digital selling team can have access to your photos within days of shooting.

Zuzana’s photography services include:  ?
  • Full-day or half-day bespoke creative shoots.
  • All images and photos are provided to you on the day to take away from the shoot.
  • Professional lighting setup.
  • Photo production and retouching.
  • Branding and creative content services with her creative agency

Zuzana’s Photography Services Portfolio: 

Zuzana’s expertise and shooting includes model and fashion photography as well as actor headshot photography.

Browse through Zuzana’s photography portfolios and utilise her skilled photography services for your new or redesigned web site, magazines, features and articles, fashion advertising or to complement and enhance your digital selling strategy.

To visit her website and view her work:

W: London Photo
W: Breznanikova Photography

If you are an aspiring fashion model and are serious about getting into modelling its important to have your own portfolio.

Check out these fashion portfolio examples for some inspiration.


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