Exquisite and Unique Wedding Bands for Women Who Dare to Be Different


Exquisite means were especially fine or pleasing. It can also refer to something rare or atypical, or outstanding quality.

Check out rings featuring laser etching and wood inlays if you like a less-than-traditional look. 

Wave Bands

Many brides who stack their wedding bands prefer wavy designs that add movement and intrigue. These rings can subtly complement the sculptural details of their engagement ring or make a bold statement all their own.

Black wedding bands have an edgy, gothic vibe that suits some nontraditional brides’ styles—especially if paired with a druzy gemstone.

Another alternative to a unique wedding bands for women is this one featuring a woven pattern of gold that resembles the branches of a tree.

Eternity Bands

The eternity band has become a symbol of eternal love and commitment. While originally intended to celebrate an anniversary or milestone, many couples wear them daily.

Diamond eternity bands feature a full circle of brilliant cut diamonds that sparkle magnificently and dazzle onlookers.

Fancy shape diamonds like emeralds and pears add dimension to the design.

Eternity bands are available in a variety of setting styles. Prong, channel, and pave are all popular options that offer varying degrees of protection for the diamonds on the ring.

Aside from setting style, the choice of metal is important for eternity rings. Platinum is the most common choice because it’s durable and holds stones securely.

Other metals like white gold and rose gold provide an attractive color option but may require more frequent maintenance.

Choose a metal that meets your durability needs and personal preferences.

Beaded Bands

Beaded bands are an excellent option for women who love a bohemian touch in their jewelry.

Choose from a variety of shapes and colors to match your personality. Beaded bracelets are versatile and look great with almost any ensemble.

Accessorize a shirt dress with a sleek bead band to create an elegant, feminine look for your next date night, or team them with funky flip-flops and a pair of sunglasses to add a hint of quirkiness to your everyday style.

First, tie the elastic cord in a knot to make a beaded bracelet. Then, apply a small amount of glue to the knot, and while it is still tacky, slide an adjacent bead over it.

Repeat this process until the entire bracelet is completed. Avoid superglue, which can become brittle after curing and may irritate the elastic cord.

An excellent alternative to superglue is clear nail polish.