Septic Systems

If you are building a new house or commercial property, you have a lot of things to design including electric and water pipe systems.

But don’t forget about a septic system.

The great thing about starting from scratch is that you have more say about what type of system you can get.

A Northern California septic expert can give you the best plan for your property and allow you to get a free quote to discuss your options.

Here are a few system designs you can talk to your contractor about.

Conventional System

This is the most common system. This type has a septic tank and a trench where wastewater is filtered.

Solid waste is stored in the tank while the water is filtered through gravel and soil until it reaches groundwater.

By the time the water reaches groundwater, it is clean of all waste.

Chamber System

This system is similar to a conventional system.

The main difference is that it doesn’t use gravel. This is the best system for areas where the groundwater is higher, or the materials used are easier to find in the area.

When you discuss your options with an expert septic system contractor, you can ask about the differences between the two and which one would be better for your property if this is the style you choose.

Drip Distribution System

This system doesn’t have a large mound of dirt for the filtration.

Instead, a larger area is used as the drainage field and drip laterals are inserted into the top foot of soil.

The difference between this one is that you are required to have a second tank that slows the water going to the drip system so that it has time to absorb in the soil.

No matter which system you choose, the septic system installation can be timely and costly.

Get a free quote from a septic system expert in your area to discuss price and design.