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Looking in the mirror can be absolutely devastating when you see an old face looking back at you. When did the sagging start and how can it be stopped?

Sagging, droopy faces usually begin after the age of 25.

At first, you may not see the skin loosening but if you look closely at your face, bending over from the waist, peering into a mirror that is positioned flat on a surface, you will see how those tiny, hidden muscles are losing their tone.

As you mature the facial muscles will continue to elongate accentuating the look of old.

Did you know the skin in the face attaches directly to the muscles so when the muscles soften and lengthen, your skin follows the downward motion?

The result of elongating muscles and skin shows in your face as hooded eyelids, falling eyebrows, crow’s feet, a horizontally lined forehead,

The 11’s between your brows, sagging cheeks, downturned mouth corners, jowls, pouches, a compromised jawline, and even a double chin.

Wearing droopy features makes one look years older sapping your confidence and self-esteem.

If this happens to you, you may not want to creatively style your hair, wear lipstick or trendy clothes and you just might give in to not caring about yourself as much as you did in years past.

Facial Exercise is Natural and Safe

Facial Exercise

Looking your best has never been easier and when you use facial exercise to turn back the clock, you save money and you never have to put your face, your good looks, or your health at risk.

Once you learn the secret techniques of isolating, anchoring, and contracting the muscles and muscle groups you will confidently understand that your face will never need to be subjected to needles, scalpels, or sutures.

Using natural techniques makes perfect sense; after all, we’ve seen Hollywood stars and celebrities sport misshapen, disturbing facial images, we’ve read the horror stories and even secretly scoffed at those who think we didn’t notice that their faces had been tweaked by paralyzing and plumping serums.

We do notice those over-inflated cheeks, squinty eyes, dimpled chins, bunny lines, and the paralyzed features.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a younger-looking, prettier face but if you are considering expensive, temporary, and unnatural modalities think about this: celebrities have more money than a lot of us and we see how unfortunate their results have been.

Even with the best results, you will never look like you again.

What if you Go with Facelift Augmentation

You certainly will want to choose a board-certified doctor that consistently is praised for their great work and even then you never know when something unexpected might occur.

Perhaps you have a hidden medical condition that would prevent you from enjoying a successful procedure or maybe you’re too old to undergo a surgery that stresses your health.

After all, the older you are, the more risk factors increase.

Elevated blood pressure and heart disease are two factors that make elective surgery unsuitable.

Surgery is stressful on the body so if you’re over the age of fifty, non-invasive methods like exercise are extremely beneficial for your continuing good health and preservation of your good looks.

Facelift Augmentation

Spending thousands of dollars on temporary fixes may not appeal to you.

Just because you choose injections that plump and paralyze or use surgery in hopes of staving off the effects of aging, you must consider that these procedures require maintenance.

This means you are regularly scheduling time with the doc and that costs money.

The Benefits of Facial Exercise

Using facial exercise is much simpler and in the long run, you most likely will be miles ahead in the looks department because you will look like you did in years past and your friends and family will easily recognize you.

The good news is this: you will look substantially younger than those around you. It just makes sense – your face, like your body, loves/craves/demands/enjoys exercise.

Facial exercise results actually are wide-ranging because they present the user with the perfect time to be in touch with the inner self.

Standing in front of a mirror while executing face-enhancing movements sends a powerful, positive message to the brain to change your appearance; as your mind and muscles work together, lifting, tightening, and toning occur.

It’s actually quite exciting to see and feel the changes; in a few weeks, there are noticeable changes to every region of the face and neck.

Affordable, reliable, facial exercise will tone and lift sagging facial muscles helping to peel five, ten, even fifteen years from your appearance. It just makes sense, it’s intelligent, it’s natural and it works.

How to Get Rid of a Double Chin & Jowls Fast

How to Get Rid of a Double Chin & Jowls Fast

In answer to the question of how to get rid of jowls & double chin fast, first decide how much money, time, and effort you want to invest.

Sagging jowl may result from gaining weight, losing tone or collagen in your skin due to aging, or heredity.

It does not matter how the double chin developed in the first place. What does matter is how to get rid of it quickly.

No one likes the look of your face jowls because it either makes you look older or heavier than you want to look.

Be prepared to answer questions from curious friends and family in terms of what you had done and for how much.

This may not be a practical solution if you are working full time because it will draw even more speculation, and you will need to take some time off work to heal.

Here is what you can start doing daily to lift your sagging jowls:

A more natural way to eliminate a double chin is by performing facial toning exercises.

While these exercises take time for the results to be realized, it generally only takes a few minutes per day.

If you commit to the routine, you can begin to see results in about 14 days, depending on the exercises you are performing.

A lot of folks opt for performing facial exercises because it is more affordable, requires no invasive surgical procedures, and no downtime.

The results are natural and can make your entire jaw and neckline, not just the double chin, look better.

If you can commit to just 15 minutes per day for performing a series of facial exercises, you can see results for the sagging skin and wrinkles on your entire face, in addition to tightening up the jowls, chin, and smoothing out the neck.

As with anything, if you do not perform the exercises 3-5 times per week, you will be disappointed with the results.

Facial exercises are a series of movements and repetitions performed on various areas of the face and neck to get rid of wrinkles, improve the tone and texture of the skin.

Additionally, facial exercises can even help with dark under-eye bags and circles under the eyes due to improving the blood circulation in these areas.

Manipulating the skin helps move the toxins out for a refreshed, healthy glow. It also helps to rebuild collagen production naturally, which decreases with age.

For a better, younger-looking profile and to actually like what you see when you look in the mirror, take action with improving the look of your skin.

Here is Another Tip:

Facial Exercise – Cheek Lift Without Surgery

Cheek Lift Without Surgery

I want to talk to you about the cheek lift and give you an update on this exercise to help you with your facial exercises to be much more successful.

So with this exercise, the really important thing is to put your mouth in an ‘O’ shape position and make this area taut.

Now what I’ve been taught is tight, let’s give that a go that’s the action that you need to do underneath the placement of your hands

What you can do is pull up the zygomaticus muscles, then activate the moving upwards they allow you to move your cheeks upwards, so when you go ahead and place your mouth in that ‘O’ shape and lift it’s putting resistance.

Those two muscles are attached to the Orbicularis Oris which is a very large muscle that sits superficially which means it sits on top of all the other muscles that are attached to it,

So let’s give this a go with the hand placement, you place your forefingers on your crow’s feet you place your middle fingers on the bottom of this eye socket and you place your knuckles your thumb knuckles right up into the corners of your lips when you go to lift.

This shape making your cheeks taut and you lift this exercise utilizes the Lift and Squeeze Technique.

Lift and Squeeze Technique

Energy is a really important thing when you’re doing your facial exercises and you can master the movement of the energy and you do that by utilizing the lift and squeeze technique.

Focusing the energy going in a certain pattern in this pattern it goes up and out the other really important thing about this exercise.

That will help you tone more this area is when you are actually lifting and squeezing you then take your focus right to the top of your zygomaticus muscle and you squeeze it.

There are areas that you can squeeze as well so taking the energy up and out and then finishing off with a big squeeze.

“Try it again mouth in an ‘O’ shape position making your cheeks taut placing your fingers onto your face in the configuration and then lifting and squeezing”

This cheek lift exercise is what helps my cheeks have this lovely sweep back on them.

cheek lift exercise

This has helped sweep back cheeks and have a lovely strengthened cheek up, when you have the muscles strengthened in this area and it’s all strong what happens is it lifts the nasolabial folds.

when the nasolabial folds are lifted you don’t have any drooping and those awful lines that start to be created between your nose and your lips.

Concentrate on using the zygomaticus muscles and not the levitator muscles that’s the first thing.

The next thing is to be aware of how much effort you’re putting into it… if you are a beginner with facial exercises and you’re finding it difficult to move the muscles just do it gently.

Don’t be going at it like a bull at the gate to try to get your muscles going facial exercises is a gradual change

If you try to do everything all at once you will cause fatiguing and your muscles will not respond

If you’re a beginner just start gently with all the facial exercises do that for yourself because as you start to get your muscles moving and growing they will want to be worked a little bit harder and stronger.

Please Note Before Doing This.

Remembering that you don’t go overboard with it don’t do it so much where your muscles will ache so badly.

Don’t press so hard that you are causing bruises

Remember it takes time so you have to be patient with this exercise it’s a beautiful exercise and when you actually get the hang of it and get into doing it absolutely sweeps up your cheeks and it lifts them and it makes your face look very lifted.

Focus is a very important thing in these exercises and it is key to the exercise it’s concentration and focuses in.

Please do make a comment in the comment box below if you want to ask a question I would really appreciate that.