Surreal nail art is a unique way to paint, embellish, and enhance your nails. It is a form of fingernail art that is typically done after manicures or pedicures.

The nails are trimmed, formed, and polished during a manicure and pedicure.

These procedures also include the removal of cuticles and the softening of the skin around the nails.

Polish on natural nails, dipping paint, and acrylic nails are all examples of manicures. In today’s world, the only limit to the art that can be shown on one’s nails is one’s imagination.

To put it another way, nails have evolved into a vast canvas on which one can express one’s imagination in any way that appeals to them, given the variety of options available.

People are now attempting to adapt their nails to the season’s or their outfit’s colors. It’s a fun way to spice up your daily look or accessories an ensemble for a special occasion.

There are several different styles to choose from, from elegant and understated to quirky and outrageous. Painting the nails is commonly thought of as surreal nail art.

Surreal nail art, on the other hand, covers a wide variety of options, as shown below.

Painting on the Nails:

The term “painting the nails” used to refer to a plain coat of nail polish. Today, however, there is a wide range of designs that can be painted on a person’s nails.

These designs can be anything from floral and geometrical to extremely artistic and funky.

Painting the nails is a time-consuming operation that yields the best results when done by a skilled nail artist.

To begin, the nails are washed, and the dead skin and cuticles that surround them are removed.

After that, a base coat of paint, normally white, is added to them to ensure that the design shows up nicely.

If a natural look is needed, no base coat is added in certain situations. On top of that, a coat of activation polish is added to ensure that the design dries quickly.

Finally, the nail is painted with the appropriate design.

Lighter colors are favored over brighter colors such as silver, gold, red, blue, green, and black.

Applying embellishments:

Some people have been known to use various types of embellishments to decorate their nails.

These embellishments may include glitter, beads, feathers, stones, or flowers, and are glued to the nail’s surface.

It is possible to use precious or semi-precious embellishments. Tiny stickers are also available, which can be used to create an attractive design on one’s nails if used creatively.


Nail piercing is another common type of surreal nail art in today’s world.

It refers to the act of piercing the nail in the same way as every other body part is pierced and then putting jewellery in it.

Small rings and other small pieces of jewelry are usually preferred for nail piercings.

Acrylic Nails:

Acrylic nails are a great way to make your nails look longer and more natural. Acrylic-based artificial nails are applied to a person’s natural nails to give them a longer appearance.

These nails can be smoothed out and given a coat of polish, giving them a very natural appearance.

Types of Surreal Nail Art Techniques

Painting with a Brush

This technique is similar to any other painting in that it allows you to use a range of brushes to achieve the best results. Synthetic bristle brushes are usually recommended.

With the aid of these brushes, anyone can create any template they want.

However, achieving excellence in giving perfect strokes necessitates a minimal amount of practice and ability.

Brushes of various types, such as angled, flat, line, detail, dotting, and so on, can be used to create various types of beautiful patterns on the nails.

Sponge Bobbing

This technique can be used to create a gradient and achromatic patterns on the nails. Sprinkled and bespattered is likely to be the product of using a sponge.

Depending on the effect desired and the design anticipated, any type of sponge, such as sculpture, paint, or makeup, or any other, may be used.

Typically, the base coat is applied and allowed to dry before using a sponge to apply nail polish to the nails.

Depending on the template you want to create, you can place the sponge gently or quickly. Acetone, a chemical substance, may be used to strip extra edges.

Stamping Looks Great

When it comes to nail stamping, the image that is printed on the nail must first be protected by the stumpy layer of special nail paints in the image plate.

Later, use a rigid scraper over the pattern so that only the nail polish remains as a residual.

The picture is then creamed with a stamper in rolling oscillation before being systemized on the nails.

Digi World Nail Art

Digital nail art machines have become popular in recent years. These devices are most often used in therapists’ offices or beauty salons.

Since the process is automated, it takes very little time to achieve the perfect nail art look.

You can also print on your nails scanned images or pictures from digital cameras.

Stencil Method

Stencils may be used, which are implanted on a dry coat of nail polish and serve as the backdrop for the stencil’s picture. The stencil is then pressed firmly against the nails.

The whole nail is coated with different colored nail polish, much as we do while taping.

The stencil is then extracted after it has dried, resulting in a design that is identical to the stencil.

Nail Art Decals and Stickers

Art stickers and decals are fresh and exciting ways to dress up your nails. In this scenario, there isn’t anything that can be done.

Furthermore, with such a large selection of stickers and decals on the market, one has a lot of options to choose from.

However, one must ensure that the stickers and decals are properly placed on the nails.

Splatter Nails

A fan brush stroke can be used to create hip-looking splatter nails, but an old toothbrush could be used to achieve the same effect at home.

You’ll get a cool, splashy, vibrant nail graffiti look with this, and you won’t have to deal with any paint mess.