Subscription Gifts

A New Way to Give

Subscription boxes are perfect gifts for the modern world. Consumables are sent out in monthly increments for sampling, and recipients can pick and choose what they like best.

There are all sorts of options for subscription services that extend beyond magazines; from flowers to clothes, to food, to skincare packages, to wines, you can find all sorts of options.

Following we’ll briefly explore five notable advantages of subscription services that show just how ideal this particular gift can be.

1. They Get to Try a Little Bit of Everything

Say you get someone a subscription service for something like Pepperidge Farms meats, cheeses, and even cookies.

There are a lot of little snacks included in the varying packages Pepperidge puts together. Often there isn’t enough time to try all the little crackers and mustards and meats and cheeses.

But with a subscription box, it’s like the party never ends, and you get to sample it all. Well, it’s just the same with wine or flower subscriptions.

There are “shaving boxes” where you can try different razors, creams, and beard butter.

Whenever a company has a wide product line of consumables, a subscription box option is a good way of sampling everything to find what you really like.

So giving that to someone helps give them all the info they need to make an informed choice in the future.

Also, if they just like the subscription service, they can renew.

2. Recipients Can Choose to Keep it or Not

Because subscription boxes are recurring, those who receive them don’t have to try everything if they don’t want to.

With a traditional gift, if they don’t like it, that’s that; “mission failed”, as the popular video game used to say.

However, with subscription services, there’s a new chance to “wow” them every month.

It’s like the concept of a shotgun in bird hunting. Instead of precisely aiming, BBs in a cloud spread out, expanding the area that a given shot will hit.

Well, with subscription services, instead of a “sniper shot” gift that provides the recipient the object of their affection, you get a new chance every month or two (depending on subscription frequency).

3. You’re Almost Certain to Give Them Something They Like

Because you’ve got multiple chances to tickle the fancy of the gift recipient, you’re almost certain to please them.

When they’re happy with what you’ve given, you’re happy. It’s a win-win for everyone.

4. There Are a Wide Variety of Available Subscription Services

Available Subscription Services

This was touched on in the opening: there are quite a few different subscription boxes you can choose from.

Food, clothes, beauty supplies, magazines, snacks, health supplements, pre-prepped meals for dieting, flowers; the list goes on.

5. If Recipients Like it Enough, They Might Reciprocate for You

In the event those to whom you’ve given subscription boxes find they like the service, you might find your own subscription box waiting at your doorstep in the near future.

It’s not “re-gifting” when every month something different comes.

Think of it more appropriately as “inspiration”. You “inspired” them to go and do likewise.

Again, it’s a win-win.

Finding and Subscribing to the Best Boxes

With a good subscription box service, be it in regard to magazines, flowers, food, beauty supplies, or whatever, there are clear advantages.

You might find recipients reciprocate in kind, diverse subscription services exist, you’ll very likely give them something they like eventually (if not immediately), recipients may or may not keep what’s in the boxes at their discretion, and they get to try a little bit of everything.

Altogether, subscription boxes are a true win-win.