Perhaps one of the greatest lessons people are learning over an extended period of social restrictions and limitations on travel and general socializing, is the importance of partners and family.

With that realization comes a greater focus on the importance of honoring those special relationships and perhaps viewing them with fresh eyes.

Celebrating those connections becomes all the more meaningful, and the marking of wedding anniversaries perhaps holds a far greater sense of importance these days.

The Passing of Years

For a marriage, each year that passes is a milestone event (the more cynical might perhaps call it a millstone!),

so it perhaps comes as no surprise that the advancing years are marked as precious stones – ruby for a 40th anniversary, then sapphire for a 45th, gold for a 50th, emerald for a 55th, diamond for a 60th, then blue sapphire of a 65th.

Steeped with the passing of time, the endurance of a loving relationship becomes more deeply cherished, and the exchange of meaningful gifts celebrates that notion.

As the years’ pass, many find themselves blessed with an abundance both emotionally and materially, which makes it harder for many to find a gift that can be fresh and relevant.

By the time that 40th ruby wedding anniversary comes around, many partners find themselves digging deep to come up with a gift that is both thoughtful and fitting, as well as memorable.

Follow the Theme

Follow the Theme

When it comes to gift buying, perhaps the most often heard comment is, “What do you buy for the person who has everything?”

There is a truth to this, as we all naturally acquire possessions and valuables over time. For some this becomes a hurdle to originality, making gift buying a difficult exercise for many.

Perhaps the best solution is to start with the theme of the anniversary year. Taking the 40th ruby anniversary, for example – perhaps the most obvious choice to some is a buy a ruby.

With a little original thought, the ruby theme can be adopted – a ruby-colored bedspread or dinner set, for example.

Begin with the theme for the anniversary in question and project your ideas from there.

Remember that as the years advance, the memories of those times gone by can be nicely rekindled by that theme – each passing occasion marked by something more precious.

The Most Precious Gifts

When people consider just what makes a gift precious, most will likely say that it is the thought and meaning behind that gift that gives it value.

It should be remembered that, particularly when considering wedding anniversaries, the greatest gifts are those which come from the heart, and a simple but carefully considered gift can be cherished and remembered fondly with the passing of time.

A Series of Moments

Wedding anniversaries

As time passes, people discover that perhaps the most important part of their lives are the people they surround themselves with – partner, family, and friends.

Wedding anniversaries are described as milestone events, and commemorating them with a meaningful gift centered on that milestone’s theme will likely draw the recipient back to that moment in the years to come.