buy custom kraft tape

Kraft paper is a robust and smooth variety of paper. Custom Kraft tape serves as a carrier for many kinds of adhesives in Kraft paper tapes.

The paper carrier gives the tape some strength while yet allowing for manual tearability, and the tape’s conformability makes it very practical for a variety of industrial jobs.

Kraft paper tape and other pressure-sensitive adhesives are transformed by Strouse into unique sizes, shapes, and formats.

Contrary to other specialist materials, paper tape’s stiff carrier enables precise conversion, resulting in finished components that may adhere to stringent tolerance criteria.

As a specialist in the conversion of sticky tape, Strouse may slit rolls of tape to certain widths or cut paper tape components to specific shapes and sizes.

Finished components can be delivered in a variety of configurations, including pieces that are wound on a roll of liner, pieces that are placed on individual sheets of liner, or sections that are separated into separate pieces with a liner covering one or both sides to cover any potential adhesive exposure.

These formats are made to make your assembly process simpler, so whether you apply sticky paper tape components manually or automatically using a machine, Strouse can create a solution that meets your functional needs while also being tailored to work with your current procedures.

What is a custom Kraft Tape?

According to the individual requirements of the customer, adhesive tape produced from custom Kraft tape can be personalized with a variety of designs, logos, or inscriptions.

It is frequently utilized for branding, box sealing, and packaging needs.

The tape is stronger and more durable thanks to the Kraft paper substance, which also makes it excellent for protecting items during transit.

Businesses can use the customization choices to market their brand or deliver crucial information to customers while still keeping their parcels securely wrapped. 

Overall, since bespoke Kraft tape blends branding and practicality, it is a popular option for companies trying to develop distinctive packaging experiences.

Where it is Used

In the packaging sector, custom Kraft paper tape is a key player. Boxes, cartons, and commodities can be sealed, bundled, and secured using it.

Its exceptional strength and adherence guarantee the security of packaged items during storage and transportation.

Printed Kraft paper tape can also be used to decorate goods packaging and promote brands.

Kraft Paper Tape is Made Up Of?

This Kraft paper and cornstarch-based adhesive water-activated gummed paper tape is a great environmentally friendly substitute for sellotape or scotch tape.

These tapes offer greater levels of closure, sealing, and protection with a very strong resistance to tears when compared to plastic ones, are simpler to use without the need for scissors, dispensers, or teeth, and are the ideal glue for transit.

It is entirely plastic-free, entirely biodegradable/compostable, and environmentally friendly.

5 Benefits of Custom Kraft Tape for Small Businesses

Saves Money On Expensive Printed Boxes

Every dollar counts when operating a small business. The fact that custom kraft tape delivers a powerful punch without going overboard on a restricted budget is arguably its most important advantage.

Because of the cost and high minimum orders, many small and large firms have abandoned printed boxes, according to our VP of sales Matt Clarke.

Instead, these frugal customers opt for cost-effective branded packing tape because it achieves the same result for a lot less.

Builds Brand Awareness

Small businesses find it challenging to compete with big box stores for brand recognition.

No matter the size of your organization, however, personalized packing tape is a cost-effective approach to expand visibility and improve brand recognition.

Elizabeth Fish, the manager of sales and customer service, adores the packaging that our small business client Ayla, a store that sells nontoxic, allergy-friendly goods, created.

She pointed out how the tape harmonizes the branding features on Ayla’s package with those on their website, Instagram feed, and other social media platforms, creating a consistent visual identity for increased brand recognition.

Adds a Layer of Package Security

Small businesses frequently face stricter budgetary restrictions than larger corporations, making a secure shipment crucial to their survival.

Larger corporations frequently have the resources to repair missing or damaged items.

Security of packages is extremely important to 7BAP, especially when sending clients expensive and rare Pops.

A box wrapped in 7BAP’s branded packaging tape makes it simple to detect – and deter – tampering and theft when compared to ordinary clear tape.

Additionally, they have strengthened package security by using 2.5 mil heavy-duty polypropylene tape for extra thickness and assurance.

Promotes Customer Loyalty

What one action can you take to ensure repeat business from your customers? Make the unboxing experience memorable.

An unboxing experience is the emotion you create for a customer opening their eagerly awaited present, as we discussed in a recent blog article.

Some of the crucial wow-factor components that will offer your consumers a cause to anticipate receiving your shipments time and time again are distinctive packaging materials, personalized notes, samples, freebies, and, of course, bespoke packing tape.

Expedites Product Placement on The Retail Floor

Custom Kraft tape makes your boxes simpler to detect and identify if your small business ships to a retailer, speeding up the time it takes for your products to move from the shipping port or warehouse to the retail floor.

Exactly this thought is what prompts our client Bakerly to utilize personalized packing tape.

To make it simpler for their retail food clients to find, correctly store, and replenish their baked goods, Bakerly, a USA-based manufacturer of French-inspired crepes, brioche, and classic pastries, wraps each shipment in branded tape.

Difference Between Custom Kraft Paper Tape and Ordinary Paper Tapes

The first distinction is in how the environment is protected. When used to stop disposal, whether it be burned disposal or in another processing, kraft paper sealing tape will produce certain dregs of material, mainly gas, which will have a significant negative environmental impact.

There won’t be any pollution circumstances with kraft paper tape because it is completely different from cowhide bags but yet has the same strong environmental protection function.

It can be used repeatedly, applied repeatedly, and destroyed relatively easily. Strong toughness is the second difference.

It is acknowledged that this particular brand of kraft paper tape has a very high degree of toughness; when used as directed, they won’t simply become harmed.

Of course, while used, they can keep the contents of the box in good condition; there won’t be any moisture intrusion, dust intrusion, or other phenomena of bad quality.


The major applications for custom kraft tape (Kraft Paper Tape, Colored Kraft Tape, Black Kraft Tape) include sealing, packing, decorating, warning, and do-it-yourself projects.

Customers frequently want to print their company’s logo, fragile words, sales terms, or photos on it.

Excellent usage, a little unwinding force, and hand-tearing capabilities are all features of kraft paper tape.

Depending on the type of product and packaging requirements, a variety of products are supplied to fit various needs.

Additionally, the custom kraft paper tape is constructed from kraft and covered with hot melt, natural rubber, water, and solvent acrylic adhesives.

The breadth of applications includes stabilizing, sealing, and packing of canned foods, all of which benefit from the products’ high resistance, lightweight, good adhesion, and printability.