How to Style a Hoodie Easily

Hooded fashion tops are one of the most popular clothing options when it comes to men’s formal wear.

Whether you’re dressing for work, for a night on the town or a casual social gathering, a stylish hooded top can make heads turn.

It does this because it combines style with function. A quality hoodie can be expensive, so it’s important that you get the right fit. here are some ways to avoid making common fashion mistakes when wearing a hoodie.

Layering Your Hoodie To avoid a look that flatters just anyone, it’s smart to layer your hoodie to match your layering.

For instance, a button-down shirt worn with a slim fit corduroy blouse is a smart layering solution.

Another great way to layer a hoodie is with an oversized cardigan. Layering a cardigan with a layered or routed tee shirt gives you a great fall look that flatters any casual outfit.

Put Together an Oversized Top This is the perfect way to combine two different elements into your wardrobe.

The oversized shirt will go great with your oversized hoodie for a dressier style. If you are heading out to a night out on the town, a scarf will complete the look.

A sweater or cardigan will complete the look of a smart-casual outfit.

These items can all be found in either solid colors or patterned prints which coordinate with your stylish hoodie.

Create a Statement With a Hoodie and Apron This one is not technically a style but an easy way to create a new outfit. If you already have a hoodie in your closet, why not add a stylish and versatile scarf to your collection?

Just because your outfit already has stylish outerwear doesn’t mean you have to let your style go by the wayside.

By adding a new piece like a scarf to your wardrobe, you can add new dimensions to your classic ensemble.

stylish outerwear

Continue reading to learn how to pull off this chic look with neutral outfits.

Pair a Hoodie With Shoes or Leggings The easiest way to incorporate a hoodie into your daily attire is to pair it with basic black jeans.

This simple combination is elegant, sophisticated, and always in style. A cropped sweater or some light block heels should complete the look.

Remember that a hoodie should never be combined with baggy or ill-fitting jeans. Always pair your jeans with your favourite outfit to create the perfect look.

Accessorize With a Leather Jacket Hoodies are great accessories to any wardrobe. If you have a classic leather jacket, you can easily pair it with a stylish leather jacket.

The great thing about a leather jacket is that it can be paired with a number of different outfits. For example, if you have a pair of jeans, you could wear a simple t-shirt with a leather jacket for a more dressed up look.

Wear Versatile Outfits You can also update your existing ensemble with an oversized hoodie.

This versatile item can be worn with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. If you already own an oversized t-shirt, you could always jazz it up with a nice sweater or cashmere sweater.

Another good option would be to pair your outfit with a vintage t-shirt. If you don’t have one of these clothing items, you could always invest in a vintage oversized t-shirt to keep your outfit updated.

This easy outfit update can definitely update your style.