How to Find the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Sunglasses should not only protect your eyes against harmful UV rays, but also frame your face in a flattering manner. That’s why you should never choose a pair of sunglasses only because it is trendy: sunglasses should also suit both your face shape and your personal style.

Of course, they should also fit you perfectly! They should both look and feel good. They should be comfortable: not too big or too heavy. Your eyelashes are not supposed to touch the lenses.

The color of the frames should complement your skin tone. Those with cool skin tones tend to look best in black, blue, magenta, and darker tortoise frames. Those with warm skin tones tend to look best in gold, copper, camel, and off-white frames.

The color of the lenses is more than a question of style, though, because it affects how well you distinguish colors and contrast when wearing the sunglasses. For example, brown lenses can somewhat enhance contrast because they are blocking blue light to an extent.

Yellow and amber lenses are blocking most of the blue light, which significantly increases contrast. They do that, though, on the expense of color recognition.

Grey lenses, on the other hand, can reduce light intensity without drawbacks in regard to color and contrast.

What about the styles of sunglasses? Aviator, wayfarer, round, semi-rimless? The wayfarer is a classic shape that looks good on anyone.

Cat-eye is a retro, feminine style. Butterfly frames are oversized, and perfect for hiding yourself from the world. Shield and wrap sunglasses are covering even more of your face, which makes them a good choice for sport.

When it comes to choosing a pair of sunglasses that goes well with your face shape, the general rule is to pick a frame that contrasts with your face shape. If you have a round face, your face is widest across your cheekbones.

You need a pair of sunglasses that can set that roundness off. Pick a pair with square or rectangular lenses, but make sure that the frames are equal to the width of your face. Thicker frames complement a round face.

If you have a square face, you need frames that can soften your facial features. Round, oval, or even cat-eye-shaped sunglasses with softly curved, thinner frames will work for you.

Do you have a heart-shaped face? Rimless frames are a good choice. Angular shapes can be a good fit as well. Oval face? Lucky you: you can pull off almost any size and style!

How to Find the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Protecting your vision should be a priority any time that you are enjoying outdoor activities. Sunglasses provide essential protection from damaging UVA and UVB rays that can harm your eyes permanently.

It is also important to look great while at the beach, shopping or playing outside with the family, and choosing the right frames for your face shape will make this even easier. Here are some tips that will help you find the best frames for the shape of your face.

Heart-shaped Face

A heart-shaped face is set with a wider forehead, cheekbones, and a pointed chin. The perfect frames for this type of face shape will add width at the center of your face and draw attention down to the lower portion.

You should look for rounded frames that will sit lower and will bring out your cheekbones. Make sure that your new shades are big on style, but keep away from any that sit too high and broaden your forehead. Classic aviators or cat’s eye frames would be a great choice for you.

Square Face

Almost any fun or unusual sunglasses will complement your broader forehead and jaw shape but keep away from boxy or angular edges.

Cool frames and designs will always be stylish on you, but the perfect choices will have playfully rounded shapes to them. These oval or circular shapes will soften the already strong features of your face.

Round Face

Most of the people in the world have a rounded face shape, but they, unfortunately, choose the wrong sunglasses. You should opt for sunglasses that will thin and lengthen your full cheeks.

The ideal styles will have sharp angles and strong horizontal lines that will create sharp edges to minimize the curves of your face. You can also add some length to your face with taller or upswept frames.

Oval Face Shape

Oval faces are very similar to round faces, but they are longer and more oblong. If you have an oval face, then you are lucky enough to be able to wear almost any type of sunglasses.

Oversized glasses will look playful and whimsical, while wrap-around frames will help accentuate your style. The perfect frames for you will be a balance of rounded curves and just a few angles in the right places to attract some attention.

Overall, don’t be afraid to play with different styles in order to find the perfect frames that will complement your wardrobe, help you see clearly and keep you looking great.

Keep in mind that protection from ultraviolet rays is more important than fashion, so you should always look for trendy sunglasses that provide the protection you need.

How to Choose the Right Designer Glasses That Perfectly Suit Your Face

Designer glasses have become more popular today not because of their functionality but due to reason that they can act as a fashion statements. Sunglasses today are the ultimate fashion accessories that highlight your personality.

The aesthetic appearance of these sunglasses is depended on the type of framework they have. With more that a thousand of different casing types, it is essential to select a frame that suits your appearance.

Larger Framework

The framework of your eyeglasses or sunglasses should match the shape of your face as it could emphasize the deficiency of your looks. Larger and darker colored casings are highly encouraged to individuals with slightly long faces.

These frameworks can visually lower the eyebrows’ height and thus shorten the length of the features. In addition, broad-brimmed casings are best for individuals with strong personalities.

They can help emphasize the eyes and distract people’s attention on the length of the countenance.

Smaller Square Frame

On the other hand, smaller square frameworks are more recommended to people with short visage, especially those that are rimless.

These casings are expected to give height to your eyebrows and make the face look thinner and smaller.

However, for a squared chin, the rectangular frames are a great option as they can extend the face length and improve facial proportionality. With a short face, round-shaped frames are not highly recommended.

Rectangular Frames

Rectangular frameworks are suited for people with round faces. These designer reading glasses are ideal for a business-like personality and they will make you look smarter and tougher. Typically, round-faced individuals have plump chins and they look gentle and easygoing.

With a rectangular frame, edges will be provided on the looks. On the other hand, squared-faced people have wider cheekbones and short appearances.

If they use a rectangular frame, their edged chin is more emphasized. This is why rectangular frames are not recommended for people with square faces.