How to Drive in Style

If you’re in love with motoring, you’ll want to always drive in style.

That means taking to the road in the car that you take care of, happily cruising through neighbourhoods with a feeling of dapper stylishness.

In this short guide, we’ll examine the things that you can do to make your driving that bit more stylish – helping you look the part when you’re motoring as a hobby, or simply driving to work.

Squeaky Clean

clean your motor

The cleaner your motor, the more it’ll glean in the sun and look faultless and spotless when you take it out for a drive.

There are several ways in which keen motorists can keep their cars in perfect condition, including leaving it under a cover at night or, better still, parking it in the shelter of a garage.

And when it comes to the act of cleaning itself, there are several stages to the perfect clean.

You’ll know to soap and scrub your car, especially those bits that tend to pick up flecks of dirt. But the polishing is more important for the sheen that your car will carry as you drive it from place to place.

Learn how to properly clean your motor so that it’s sparkling whenever you take it for a drive.

Personal Touches

To make your car less anonymous on the road – and to add those little elements that show that you’ve invested well in your car – you can add personal touches.

There’s almost no end to the alterations that you can make to your motor, from adding a spoiler and changing the bumpers to adding speakers to the boot and stylish leather chairs to the interior.

But one of the most obvious and sought-after additions you can make to your car comes in the form of a number plate.

You can search online databases to find a personalised number plate UK that fits your criteria – whether that’s something the speaks to your name, or just a sequence of numbers and letters that you would like to distinguish your car from typical, run-of-the-mill number plates.


famous types of driving attire

If you’re a Sunday driver with a love of motoring on country roads and stopping off at fancy restaurants, then you’re going to want to look the part when you get out of your vehicle.

There are plenty of looks that you can assume here, and it might be worth looking some of them up online to see which might suit you best.

Perhaps the most famous types of driving attire are the gloves and the shades. Both of these will give you an air of stylish cool as you enter and exit your vehicle, and are items that people tend to associate with motoring fans.

Of course, you’ll have your own style to marry up with these items, so it’s really up to you what you do to match stylish clothing with your stylish car.