How To Cleanse Scalp Sores

Every year there seem to be new skin and hair problems that really weren’t talked about as much before.

However, this year pimples on scalp or breakouts on the face, back, chest, scalp or head, and other places seem to be even more common than the year before.

Many Doctors are attributing this to stress with regards to all the recent world events.

There are stresses from all that is going on with Covid and of course, with all the impacts such as job loss, loss of income and then divorce and tension seem to be prominent as a result of the added stress on couples and families.

The result is skin and hair problems because of the added stress. Skin is one of the 1st places to show when you are under mental or physical duress.

Why Do Skin and Scalp Breakouts Seem To Be More Under Stressful Situations?

There are several different reasons for this. The 1st is that the body’s defenses weaken under stressful conditions.

We are not sure why this happens but this is why many people seem to stay sick when they are dealing with unexpected life stressors.

When the immune system is down the bacteria and fungus that leads to acne and even scalp sores and scabbing or blisters on the scalp – well they become more active and unchecked compared to the way the skin on the scalp fought them off before.

The second is that blood flow is limited to the extremities when under chronic stress and the hair is one of the first to get sanctioned as well as the skin.

This is why many people show blemishes and breakouts on the skin and in the scalp during these times.

Pimples On Your Scalp and Hair Line
Pimples On Your Scalp and Hair Line

So What Can you Do About It?

Let the herbs do the talking with your scalp treatments. They purify and restore balance. The topical complex that is most known is Zincplex.

This is a mixture of thyme, sage, fenugreek, ivy, burdock, and tea tree to name a few.

For nearly 20 years restoring the scalp’s balance has been done with Zincplex which is a complex of topical purifying herbs found in shampoos, conditioners, and scalp treatments.

Zinc PCA also plays a really big role in limiting and helping with scalp acne and of course breakouts anywhere on the body including the hairline and face.