How To Buy Bitcoin With Amazon Gift Card

How to Buy Bitcoin with Amazon Gift Card

If you give someone an Amazon gift card, you’re giving them the choice to decide on what they like out of a lot of products sold by the world’s biggest company and retailer.

If you recognize that a follower of yours could be a crypto enthusiast, you’ll be happy to be told that Amazon indirectly supports the acquisition of cryptos too!

Buy Bitcoin with Amazon Gift Cards

What’s great about using Amazon Gift Card to buy Bitcoin is the fact that you can get it virtually anywhere.

Just provide the seller with your Amazon Gift Card code, and you’re good to go and Bitcoin would be credited into your wallet.

No hassle of making an account or compromising personal information.

That is why some people would prefer their Bitcoin transactions using Amazon Gift Cards.

I have been wanting to buy bitcoins for a long time but have never had a chance until recently.

When I was viewing options to shop for Bitcoin, I found some sites like Cex, Binance & Coinbase where I can use real cash to shop for Bitcoin.

Luckily, I had about $119 in my Amazon account (Courtesy of my friend who gifted me an Amazon gift card).

This was after I have to be compelled to understand this popular online service called Purse where one can use their Amazon gift card to shop for Bitcoin.

Benefits of Purse:

  • Sell your Amazon gift cards for Bitcoin
  • Buy products from Amazon using Bitcoin

The Purse is a company based in San Francisco, right inside the Silicon Valley.

The process is pretty simple because in return for Bitcoin you’ll be trading in your Amazon gift card money.

Most Popular Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin With Amazon Gift Card Instantly


How to Buy Bitcoins on Purse with Amazon Gift Card

Buy Bitcoins on Purse with Amazon Gift Card

To get started with this, you wish two things:

  • A Purse accounts
  • Amazon account (you can use an existing gift card, or you can load money into your account using any other method).

The Purse is a marketplace of Amazon gift cards that links Amazon shoppers to consumers.

Here, gift card users can have their gift card liquidated at a nominal price. Ex: $80 for a 100 $gift card.

  • In addition, if you’re just starting out and wanting to buy Bitcoin in a small amount, using a gift card is an easy way to do so.
  • Though if you want to buy Bitcoin in the bigger amount, you should use other methods like real cash to buy Bitcoin instead.

Now, let ‘s move forward and trade out our Bitcoins Amazon gift card.

  • Log-in to your Purse account, and click on the top to receive bitcoin.
  • This will take you to a page where you’ll be able to see many consumers from Amazon who has listed their Wishlist & you’ll sort it supported some factors such as Country.
  • Clicking on the price you ‘d like to spend & BTC TOTAL will show you how much Bitcoin you ‘d buy.
  • Click on Deal Embrace & this will take you to the Amazon website. Once the offer is accepted, you will have about an hour to complete the offer.

Click on the Buy Wishlist and bring you to the Amazon website.

This will take you to a page where you’ll be able to see many consumers from Amazon who has listed their Wishlist & you’ll sort it supported some factors.

Here, don’t worry about fraud, because money is kept in Escrow.

The risks involved using Amazon Gift Cards

risks involved using Amazon Gift Cards

If you wish to buy Bitcoin using Amazon Gift Cards, then you wish to understand about the risks involved.

For a buyer, you would like to create sure that if you get a physical card; don’t lose the receipt as this is often what sellers require you to possess.

For a seller, the chance is high for them as fraudulent purchases are their worst enemy.

There’s no way of checking the card’s value without trying to enter it in your account, that’s why sellers would have an inventory of transaction procedures.

Most of the sellers would only trade with people who purchased the physical card using cash with a receipt proving the acquisition.

Plenty of scammers and hackers can easily get people’s MasterCard details and buy gift cards and buy Bitcoin with it.

Once the hacked card owner notices, then they would dispute the charge and the seller would automatically lose the trade.


  • Accessible/Easy to acquire
  • Anonymous
  • Controlled purchases


  • Very few exchanges accept Amazon Gift Cards
  • Expensive
  • High-risk for sellers
Amazon Gift Card


Before you head bent on buying an Amazon Gift Card, ensure that you just do research on the vendor you’re visiting buy Bitcoin from.

The nice thing about trade websites is that they are doing have a “reputation” that they have to uphold, which makes it easier for you to appear for top sellers.

Always confine mind that you simply are the one who’s buying if it doesn’t feel right, then leave.


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