Housewarming Gifts

Shopping for a person who has everything is one of life’s signature challenges.

You’ve got to get super-creative or risk the dreaded duplicate, all while remembering to get a gift receipt.

This problem only worsens when you’re shopping for a gift for someone’s brand-new house and you don’t know what design style or colors they’re going with.

Don’t give up, though!

The following housewarming gift ideas are some of the very best for those people on your list who already seem to have it all.

housewarming gift ideas

  1. A Photo Throw Pillow or Blanket—Part of moving into a new home is personalizing it with family photos and special mementoes. Help them warm up an otherwise impersonal environment with personalized photo gifts and home decor, like a photo throw blanket or toss pillow.
  2. A Gift Card to a Local Restaurant—This one’s a must-give if the new homeowner has relocated from elsewhere, even if they’ve just settled in from across town. The fact is that gift cards never go to waste, especially when they’re given at one of the most stressful times in life–like moving.
  3. A Bouquet of Fresh Flowers—Never underestimates the power of a fresh-cut arrangement! Seriously, it seems minuscule, but a sweet bouquet from the flower shop helps make a new, cold or not-yet-decorated environment feel especially warm and welcoming. For something more long-lasting, you could pair it with a vase made by a local artist.
  4. A Personalized Cutting Board—They’ll definitely get use out of anything personalized, especially the more practical items, such as a personalized cutting board or serving tray. These accouterments are absolutely ideal for the housewarming celebrant who loves to entertain and cook.
  5. A Bottle of Wine or Champagne—You can never have too many bottles of wine or champagne, especially when you’re unpacking. If you want to take this gift to the next level, give a bottle with a couple of nice wine glasses.
  6. A ‘Stock the Bar’ Starter Pack—There’s a reason why stock the bar parties are being called one of the hottest new millennial trends. They supply the home bar or bar cart with all the bar basics, from the core liquors—vodka, gin, tequila and whiskey—to fun accouterments like stirrers and shakers. If you want to go all out, give them a mini starter pack to get the ball rolling.
  7. Your Help Moving or Unpacking—Giving on a budget? Don’t overlook the value of your own sweat! And, when you’re in the midst of a chaotic move, an offer to help move or unpack is worth a dozen bottles of wine or gift baskets. Bring over a six-pack and some snacks to sweeten the deal.Help Moving or Unpacking
  8. A Gift Card to a Home Improvement Store—Gift cards are always a safe bet when you’re shopping for people who have everything, and we love the idea of a hardware store gift card for new homeowners. It doesn’t even matter if they’re in the midst of any upgrades. Inevitably, they’ll want to repaint a room or swap out a light fixture, and it’ll be your treat.
  9. A Basket Filled with Cleaning Supplies—Practicality is key when it comes to surprising the recipient who has everything. Help them revamp their cleaning supply stash with a gift basket featuring fresh new cleaners and cleaning supplies to keep their new house clean and tidy. Bonus points for green cleaning products!
  10. A Few Great-Smelling Candles—Candles are the world’s most universal gift. They’re appropriate for any recipient and any occasion. For a housewarming twist, surprise your recipient with a candle that warms the home and the soul, like an aroma that smells like fresh-baked sugar cookies or the apple orchard on a crisp, fall day.
  11. Bath Bombs or Bubble Bath—Friends who are stressed out and living in a world of moving madness need to be reminded to step back, relax and take a few deep breaths. You can do this with a DIY spa gift basket featuring lots of bath bombs, bubble bath and maybe even some cozy slippers.
  12. A Home-Baked Casserole—When you’re moving, you tend to get caught up in the cycle of eating out, ordering delivery or snacking on whatever’s easy. Anything you can do to take care of a meal or two for your stressed-out pal will go a long way. Consider bringing over a freezer-friendly casserole.
  13. A Re-Stock of the Essentials—Toilet paper, dish soap, paper towels, batteries, light bulbs—who has time to buy this stuff when you’re in the midst of a massive move? Check another thing off their to-do list by giving them a gift bag full of these utility closet essentials.
  14. A Streaming Video or Music Subscription—Do a little recon to figure out which streaming services your recipient has or doesn’t have. When you’re settling into a new house, all you want to do is stay in on the weekends and get things together while zoning out. Premium membership to a video or music service will make that even more enjoyable.
  15. A Meal Kit Subscription—If you’re looking for a present for the first-time homeowner who’s looking to up the domesticity factor, definitely consider surprising him or her with a meal kit delivery subscription. These kits teach newbies how to cook and get acquainted with the kitchen. And eating a home-cooked meal feels really nice after a long settling-in period of gorging on takeout.

Personalized Practical Universal

Personalized, Practical, Universal

When you’re shopping for the person who’s got it all, there are a few simple hacks to remember: go personalized, go practical or go universal.

The idea is to give them something that will make the adjustment easier and less stressful while also providing some level of joy and excitement.

Any of the aforementioned gifts will do the trick!