Healthy and Happy Life

Some people look for ways to get healthier. Others look for ways to be happier. What most people fail to see is you need both to have either.

Secrets For a Healthy and Happy Life

There are many people that are not living a healthy life right now in our society.

We are one of the countries with the highest obesity rate, and here are some things that individuals can do to help keep your weight down and to live a healthy and happy life.

The most important part of living a good lifeย is to make sure to get enough sleep at night.

When a person does not get enough sleep it disrupts the production of insulin and can cause a person to stop burning calories at their normal speed.

Another important factor is to keep stress levels down. Stress can cause people to overeat and can increase the production of certain hormones.

healthy life tips

To help ease stress just say I need to stop for a minute and remove yourself from the situation.

Once a person removes themselves they can take a ten-minute walk, and this will calm your stress while also burning those calories.

Another way to live a happy life is to enjoy yourself and do the things you love to do. When a person has time off of work or school they should consider picking up a hobby. This can help relax a person and they can have fun.

Hobbies provide a getaway from work and life in general; a person can pick up hobbies like fishing, art, music, and even exercise.

The most well-known way to live healthy and happy is to be on a well-balanced diet. This means cutting out a majority of Trans fats, this includes chips, cookies, and margarine, and starting on a moderate exercise schedule.

Exercising a few times a week can help change a person’s life around. Moderate exercise is the best way to begin. A person can start by taking yoga or Pilates class one to three times a week.

There are plenty of ways to get exercise including: running or jogging, walking, dance classes, and for the ladies a strip aerobics class.

These classes can be fun and healthy at the same time and can be done with friends, family, or your significant other.

These tips will help a person get on their way to living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Tips to Form a Healthy and Happy Family

Smiling parents with little kids

It is not easy to meet all of the needs within a family. What can make one person happy may not satisfy the other family members.

It can be very stressful for trying to meet everyone’s needs. However, there is a lot at stake.

Usually, the health of the entire family is generated by parents, but families are dynamic and the balance can be delicate.

Over time the needs of young children that usually are in the forefront may shift if the parental relationship particularly is not healthy.

All of the members of the family are important, so this can be difficult to stay targeted on health and happiness.

At this time, this article is going to give you several tips that will guide you to form a healthy and happy family.

This can be very useful for having family meetings since it presents the opportunity for all of the members for getting their needs met.

Besides, it can also offer the opportunity for every family member for talking about what makes them happy.

Moreover, families can change across the development. The developmental stages of the children are clearly delineated as they progress through the life stages, physical changes, and school grades.

Also, parents and relationships go through the developmental stages, even when they are not as evident or clearly delineated.

Furthermore, families operate in the “homeostasis” or the natural balance. Even when the changes occur, the family will try to regain balance naturally. The balance is a familiar way of behaving, whether this is healthy or unhealthy.

The family is drawn toward the familiar patterns of relating, and it can take awareness and also a plan for changing the behavior to make the shift in the homeostasis.

Parental communication which is open and respectful will allow for each adult to disagree yet still parent in a cooperative manner.

The key to happiness and a healthy family is to respectfully behave toward all of the family members regardless of age, role, or position within the family.

Five Tips to Keep You Healthy and Happy During Winter

Sometimes what is right for you, such as being healthy and happy can seem incredibly hard to get. It is much easier to get where you want to be with a little bit of guidance.

1. Wrap up warm:

This sounds like common sense but in Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are key areas you need to keep warm to avoid catching a cold.

Keep your kidneys, knees, stomach, and nape of your neck covered up as these are your most sensitive areas at this time of year and more susceptible to cold.

This means that knees and lower backs can get sore, stomachs can get upset, and coughs and colds can be caught and may develop into more severe conditions like sinusitis or bronchitis.


Try wrapping a scarf around your middle making sure to cover your kidney area and stomach when you feel cold instead of turning the heating up and see if you feel warmer.

In Chinese medicine, your kidneys are the center of all energy and thus heat in your body and so this is a very effective way of keeping warm in the winter.

2. Soups, stews, and broths:

In China, it is believed that in order to stay healthy one must live in tune with the seasons, and in fact, your qi (energy) moves in tune with the energy of the earth.

Sensible advice! If you look around you will see that animals are hibernating, foliage on plants and trees has started to diminish and wither, the days are drawing in and the nights getting longer.

This is a time of yin an inward and contracting movement where qi begins to slow down and move inwards too.

If you wish to stay healthy you need to support this movement by eating foods that warm, nourish and support the body.

Slow-cooked foods such as soups, stews, and broths full of root vegetables, beans, pulses, organic meat, or meat substitute are ideal foods to support this movement.


Two things to help with this in your busy life – a slow cooker with a timer (fabulous investment) as this can be left on whilst you are at work and when you get home voila – a nice hot nutritious meal is waiting for you, and, a flask to carry soup with you when you are on the go.

This way you also know what is going into your food and don’t have to worry about piling on the pounds through hidden sugars and salts in pre-packaged meals.

3. Slow Down:

Whilst we live in a hectic and busy world, at this time of year we must also take into consideration our exercise habits.

When you run outside in the cold and the rain you are taking that cold damp air straight down into your lungs which according to Chinese medicine creates ideal conditions for cough and cold viruses to take hold.

If you must run outside in the cold or rain please make sure the areas mentioned above if not the whole body are covered up including wearing a hat to keep your head warm.

If you are happy to hang up your running shoes until it gets warmer then winter can be the perfect time for indoor sports instead and the more gentle the better.


For those of you who like a little more exertion now is the perfect time for Bikram (Hot) Yoga but do be careful to re-hydrate slowly and sufficiently afterward.

4. Meditate:

In winter it is more important than at any other time of year to get plenty of rest and take time out for yourself.

Meditation can be an excellent way to calm the mind, relax the body and revive your energy.

Even as little as 5 minutes a day can make a big difference to your health.


Take 20 minutes out of each day if you can to lie down and allow the body to regenerate.

In Chinese Medicine your Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of qi through your body this can be very difficult to maintain when faced with the barrage of stress that comes with modern living often resulting in conditions such as IBS, migraines, and anxiety.

When you lie down you allow your qi and blood to return to your liver helping to soothe and nourish it.

5. Boost your Immune System:

If you do feel a little sniffle or a cold coming on or are already in the midst of a terrible cold or flu then acupuncture can help by strengthening your immune system to protect you from further infections.

Some Simple Suggestions For Restoring Health And Happiness In Your Life

In today’s day and age, it is also essential to have quick results. Through personal experience, I have found natural ways to be both healthy and happy.

I understand that you probably don’t see exercise as enjoyable. It doesn’t need to be that way. Once you find something that works for you it can actually be enjoyable to exercise.

The great thing about exercising is that there are so many options. From hiking, yoga, rock climbing, it doesn’t matter which way you choose to exercise, as long as you enjoy it.

Exercise is the key to being in good shape, feeling good, and being happy. Exercise is a necessary part of a healthy and happy life.

We all know that it is very important for us to eat correctly, but yet we don’t do it. The reason we don’t eat right is because it is a habit that needs to be practiced.

If you want badly enough to make eating right a part of your life, it is not incredibly difficult.

If you take the time to meditate, you will find your mood improving, stress easing, and your body and mind working well. Meditating doesn’t need to be hard.

Simple focus on your muscles throughout the day. Take a moment and just think about your breathing.

One of my best tips towards a happier and healthier life is your choice of supplements.

I take a multivitamin from a phenomenal brand as well as the essential fish oil supplement with omega-3 in it.

I have found that the best products come from companies that have great names and use great ingredients.

If I’m going to take a supplement, I want it to have great ingredients such as green tea extract, resveratrol, and l-carnosine.

It is my hope that by reading this you know that there are many different ways that you can naturally improve your health and become happier.

It is up to you now to put these options together in a way that works best for you.