Time is one of our most valuable assets, and with so much to do in today’s busy world, people have less time for self-care.

Despite all these scenarios, having thick, defined, and perfectly shaped eyebrows are something that every woman dreams about.

The amount of information and techniques available about how to get perfect eyebrows might be overwhelming, but don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.

To achieve the dream of perfect brows we spare no effort.

In fact, we have invested in an arsenal, right?

Many tools, equipment, and procedures have been created, ranging from eyebrow pencils, brow pomades, eyebrow gels, eyebrows tweezers, and moving towards more long lasting methods such as treatments like microblading, brow lamination, and other similar techniques.

But in fact, the solution doesn’t need to be painful or costly.

With the latest trends, cosmetic experts have introduced a new formula for beauty cravers in the form of brow soaps.

These brow soaps are the latest trend in a series of eyebrows enhancing tools having more benefits and fewer drawbacks.

The Soap Brows Trend

Soap Brows Trend

This process of brow soaping is not new. The trick was used in older eras, in Hollywood, when there was not yet such a wide range of cosmetics available.

The idea is basically to make the eyebrow strands more full and fixed in place, perfect for those who have unruly brows as well as thin, sparse brows.

In recent years more and more makeup artists have started to use brow soaps yet most people didn’t know about them until bloggers, and Instagram influencers started talking about them.

Now, this has become one of the latest trends in shaping eyebrows because of its easy process and availability, no side effects, and inexpensive qualities.

What are Brow Soaps?

Brow Soaps are simply soaps, but with a slightly high concentration of glycerin, giving them a shiny appearance and waxy, velvety texture.

Ideally, the soap to be used for this purpose should have a high amount of glycerin and have no color and odor, ultimately making it transparent and invisible after being applied.

Brow Soap Light

Brow Soap tools you need

Eyebrow soaping is not an expensive cosmetic method as it can be carried out with the help of things that are already available in almost every home and are easy to access.

For this method, you only need three ingredients to soap your brows

  • A clear glycerin-based soap
  • A thin brush or eyebrow shaping brush
  • Water (setting spray can also be used)

Indeed, the Amar Brow Soap has everything you need as its formula has the right concentration of glycerin to make your eyebrows perfect.

To make your life easier it comes in a metal tin for easy storage and transportation with a spoolie included too.

How to make soap brows

Applying soap to your eyebrows is extremely simple, it can be done by following these simple steps.

  • Spritz a small amount of water or face mist into the soap tin.
  • Take out your spoolie brush and rub the spoolie back and forth until you have your desired amount of product. Try not to drag excessively otherwise the soap will build up too much on the spoolie leaving marks or waxy lines on your eyebrows.
  • Move the soaped brush in the natural hair direction of eyebrows both horizontally and vertically until you feel your eyebrows to be thick and correctly set.

You can carry out this process two to three times until you achieve your desired shape and thickness and feel satisfied.

Results can be seen within a minute or two and will give you perfectly shaped eyebrows, glued in place but still looking completely natural.

You should also use this technique with the Amar Brow Soap. We believe you are going to fall in love.