Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Regarding engagement rings, the radiant cut is a modern-with-a-twist choice.

Invented by Henry Grossbard in 1977, this diamond cut combines the silhouette of emerald-cut diamonds with the brilliance—aka sparkle—of round-cut diamonds.

Radiant-cut comes in square or rectangular shapes and features 70 facets to create a luminous appearance.

They also lack sharp corners, making them more resilient to damage.


Radiant-cut diamonds offer a fusion of the purity of emerald-cut diamonds and the sparkle of brilliant round cuts.

This unconventional diamond design, created in the 1970s, is ideal for women who wish to embrace heritage while still shining brightly today.

The radiant cut’s trimmed corners help accentuate the diamond’s brilliance and elegance.

This unique diamond shape is a great option for ring designs with side stones, bezel settings, or halo settings.

With their dazzling brilliance and regal allure, radiant-cut diamonds are a fantastic choice for engagement rings.

When selecting a ring for your special someone, you must decide what band you want.

A thin band will look sleek and elegant but may show more wear over time, and it can struggle to support larger center diamonds.

A broader band may fit with certain design elements like channel settings or side stones and better withstand typical wear and tear.

If you’re searching for a ring with more durability, consider radiant-cut engagement rings with a thicker band. You’ll find a wide selection of radiant-cut diamond rings with various widths available in Helzberg’s collection.


A wedding or engagement ring’s good fit and avoiding being too loose or tight can be achieved by selecting the appropriate size. It is essential because your ring will be subject to normal wear and tear over a lengthy period.

Busier lifestyles may require a thicker band to withstand more wear and tear, while those with less rigorous activities might be happy with a thinner width.

The radiant cut diamond is a relative newcomer to the world of diamond shapes, but it has gained significant popularity due to its kaleidoscope effect and ability to conceal inclusions.

With 70 facets, the diamond has a squarish or rectangular shape with softened edges, making it stand out from other diamond cuts and engagement ring designs.

A radiant-cut diamond’s unique silhouette makes it an excellent choice for a solitaire setting.

This classic style allows the diamond’s natural beauty to shine through, enhancing its brilliance and making it a larger stone.

Radiant-cut diamonds are available in various carat weights, making them ideal for all budgets and preferences.

For example, a three-carat radiant diamond ring can be stunning and remain within most couples’ price ranges when paired with a high clarity and color grade.

radiant cut rings


Radiant-cut diamonds are the perfect choice for anyone seeking a striking look with an elegant sparkle. This unconventional diamond cut blends the emerald cut’s pristine purity with the fire and brilliance of the brilliant round cut.

When first introduced in the 1970s, radiant-cut diamonds captivated those drawn to their flawless symmetry and captivating radiance. The radiant-cut diamond is stunning when paired with the right engagement ring setting.

Choose a classic solitaire setting with four or six prongs that allow the unique shape and dazzling sparkle to shine through.

It will enable the center stone to be the true star of your ring, but you can also add more sparkle with a diamond halo that surrounds the perimeter of your diamond.

You can frequently get away with a lesser color grade since radiant-cut diamonds beautifully showcase color.

This is particularly true when buying a radiant-cut diamond in yellow gold, which will enhance the color of even the lowest grade of color.

A radiant-cut diamond is a modern and contemporary cut perfect for the bold bride ready to make a statement with her engagement ring. 


When choosing a diamond, carat weight is an important factor to consider. A higher carat weight means a larger diamond, which can be more expensive.

A larger diamond also has more inclusions. Inclusions are flaws within the surface of a diamond that affect its clarity and color.

While a larger diamond is more desirable, it’s only sometimes necessary. A smaller diamond may still be beautiful and durable.

Radiant cut diamonds have the outline of an emerald cut but show much more brilliance. They’re a fantastic alternative for anybody seeking a contemporary ring with a vintage appearance.

Due to its adaptability, a radiant-cut diamond may be worn alone and with other rings. Many people prefer this diamond shape as a center stone in a solitaire ring or pendant or with tapered baguettes set beside it.

This gives the ring an added sparkle while keeping the focus on the diamond’s outstanding depth and complexity.

A lot goes into designing an engagement ring and wedding band. A thinner band will show more wear over time and be less able to accommodate unique design features on the ring.

A thicker band will be more sturdy but may also struggle with certain stone sizes or could compromise the structural integrity of a setting.