Five Hacks Anyone with Hair Extensions Should Know About

Hair Extensions Hacks

Hair extensions are, without a doubt, the best way to keep your hair elegant and glamorous.

However, this may not be the way people who are new to extensions view it.

Most people who have had customizable hair extensions for a while will tell you that they can be a little bit uncomfortable at first, but they grow on to you in due course.

Maintenance also shouldn’t be an issue as long as you have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Here are a few hacks recommended by the experts at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection.

1. Make Styling Easy by Using A Hair Extension Hanger

Hair Extension Hanger

Styling your customizable hair extensions is much easier done before they are clipped in.

This is because the wefts can be pulled out of place, forcing you to redo the whole thing.

A hanger for your extensions is highly recommended, as it is specifically designed to secure your wefts in place as you curl or straighten them.

This way, you have perfect vision and can use both hands, which makes for a quick job as well as an efficient one.

2. You Can Achieve A Layered Look by Clipping the Extensions Diagonally

Layered Look by Clipping the Extensions Diagonally

If you have layered hair, you will love this hack.

When using extensions, you can fake the look of layered hair by clipping the wefts diagonally.

This method will give your hair a natural high to the low effect that perfectly blends with layered hair.

3. If You Have A Small Head, Try Stacking the Extensions

Stacking the Extensions

If you are constantly struggling to find space for all your customizable hair extensions, try stacking them to free up some room.

You can stack two wefts together to create a mega weft and then place them in your hair.

This not only saves space, but it also gives you a voluminous look.

Two birds with one stone if you ask me.

However, you should avoid stacking more than two wefts as it can quickly become cumbersome and uncomfortable.

4. You Can Prolong Their Lifespan Through Proper Storage

hair extension carrier

Most people are always complaining about how their customizable hair extensions get tangled in-between wears.

If you also face the same problem, worry no more because The Lauren Ashtyn Collection has a solution for you.

Get a hair extension carrier where you can store your extensions in-between wears.

Coupled with a hanger, they can stay tangle-free and avoid any damage, which in turn increases their lifespan.

The carrier will also provide you with a convenient way to carry your extensions from place to place.

5. Use the Right Brush

Use the Right Brush

It might seem obvious, but it is crucial to note that you should always brush your hair with the right hairbrush.

Traditional hairbrushes can move around the wefts, which will quickly become uncomfortable and undo all the work you have done.

We recommend that you invest in a designated hairbrush for customized hair extensions as they have just the right amount of space between the bristles to ensure your extension stays in place.