Eyebrow Waxing Top 5 Tips

Beautiful eyes are one of the most sought-after physical attributes, but beautiful eyes depend on more than the qualities of the eyes; they also depend on the shape of the eyebrows.

Nature gives everyone different eyebrows, but most people are not blessed with brows of the perfect length, shape, and thickness.

To get such brows, people practice eyebrow waxing – a cosmetic procedure that works the same as arm waxing: a strip of wax is applied to the skin, allowed to dry, and then peeled away quickly, removing unwanted hair as it goes.

Waxing Tips

Removing hair from the eyebrows requires a precise approach, and this is where the tips below can come in handy.

If you are waxing your brows for the first time, observing these tips will help you treat them in a way that beautifies your eyes:

Tip 1: Decide the Right Shape

The size, shape, and thickness of your brows should complement the shape of your face.

If you have a long, angular face, then rounded brows may look the best. If you have a short, round face, then angled brows may look the best.

If you are not sure which shape compliments your face, consult an aesthetician, or look for an online resource that gives advice on eyebrow shaping in terms of facial shape.

Tip 2: Set the Length and Arch

A manicured brow should begin at the tear duct and end at the outer corner of the eye.

Most aestheticians recommend establishing these points by using a straightedge to establish a straight line between the tear duct and the outer corner of the nose, and between the outer corner of the nose and the outer corner of the eye.

Tip 3: Avoid Setting the Arch Too High

Removing a little bit of hair from the underside of the brow can go a long way.

If you remove too much hair, you can end up with brows that look too pointy, and attract attention away from what they should draw attention toward: your irises.

However, if you are dressing up as Dracula or Elvira for a Halloween party, then set the arch as high as you wish.

Tip 4: Cleanse the Skin and Apply Powder

Cleansing the skin around the eyebrows and dusting it with talcum powder helps the wax stick to the hair without sticking to your skin.

Taking this measure also makes it easier to pull the strip away quickly and painlessly.

Tip 5: Apply Soothing Solution after Removing the Strips

After removing the strips, the skin around your eyebrows may be slightly red.

Applying a soothing solution for recently waxed skin can help remove the redness. If you do not have such a solution, aloe vera gel can suffice.


Kits for eyebrow waxing come with instructions from the manufacturer, but they may not mention the tips above,

which can help you achieve shapely brows and complete the hair removal process without causing pain or irritation to your skin.

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