Flying Somewhere? Compression Socks Can Make All the Difference to You


Will you be going on a long haul flight in the future?

If you are and want to avoid the problem of swollen and painful ankles and legs then investing in a good pair of compression socks is advised.

Not only will these help to alleviate the problems during the flight such as deep vein thrombosis but preventing it from becoming a condition that will last you for many years to come.

So what exactly are compression Socks?

These are elastic socks that have been designed with the help of medical professionals to help promote and also stimulate the circulation of blood around the body to its extremities.

The socks provide graduated pressure to the foot and the lower part of the leg with most of the pressure from the being applied to the foot, ankle and calf.

They are made from materials that not only provide the right amount of pressure to the legs to improve circulation when held in the position for long periods of time but also will feel comfortable when worn.

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Size of Socks

With so many different types of compression socks now available many of which don’t require a prescription it can prove difficult deciding which ones are right for you.

Of course you must make sure that you purchase a size that are suitable for the size of feet you have.

If you think buying a smaller size will help to improve the level of pressure they provide, then you are wrong.

They will just actually help to reduce the level of circulation and this in turn will result in the chances of your legs and feet swelling increasing.

When it comes to buying such socks make sure that they don’t have any seams or if they do this should be located on the toe area and be as smooth as possible.

So ensuring that whether you are sitting or standing all day they will feel comfortable at all times.

Plus of course you want to make sure that the of course they can be washed in a machine.

So what things should you be looking for when it comes to buying these types of socks?

It is important that you look for the socks which come with a pressure rating of 14 mm Hg or more.

However if you are considering purchasing a pair with a rating of 20 mm Hg then you should be speaking to your doctor before doing so.

health socksThese types are actually designed to be worn by people with serious health conditions relating to the legs such as leg ulcerations, vascular diseases or who have recently undergone skin graft surgery.

This is because the amount of pressure they apply to the legs is very high.

Finally when it comes to buying any compression socks it is worth trying several different pairs out for a few days to see what ones feel most comfortable.

Also don’t forget to wear them with several different kinds of footwear.

Once you have chosen your socks then wear them several times with the shoes you intend to wear on the flight so they have time to stretch out a bit and this in turn will help them to improve how the blood circulates from your feet to the rest of your body.

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Sox is a brand cultivated out of a love of convenience and a strong belief in affordable quality high end products.

Always buy best socks and care for the body’s health and comfort.


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