Why Choosing What to Wear Is Important for Women

What to Wear Is Important for Women

Your clothes send messages about how you feel and how others perceive you.

A strong sense of style is more about choosing items that fit your lifestyle, flatter your body type, and reflect your personality than adhering to every fad.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Invest in the Basics

Women with great style know that spending more on quality basics is worth it. It includes neutral denim and slack options, classic white button-downs, fitted dresses, structured blazers, classic leather handbags, and staple footwear.

These items can be worn repeatedly, providing a strong base for more statement pieces. They also look better and last longer than fast-fashion pieces.

A good rule of thumb is to buy a solid coat or jacket each season from a clothing boutique, as they can often generate multiple outfit combinations while looking more refined than a basic jacket or tee.

Know Your Body Shape

One of the best tips for women’s fashion is understanding their body shape. It helps avoid confusion around what looks good on them and eliminates a closet filled with items that never get worn.

If you have more weight on the bottom, balance it by adding volume to your top (think structured shoulders or jackets with breast pockets).

For those with more weight in their legs, wearing leggings or wide pants that skim the figure will help hide the weight and make you look much more polished.

Aim for a skirt length that grazes the tops of your shoes or goes up to the knee. It ensures you look elegant and puts your outfit together with ease.

Add color to your outfits for a pop of pizazz. Choose monochromatic or analogous colors (like yellow and violet) or complementary colors (like green and purple).

Invest in quality fabrics, such as silk and cotton, as they will last longer and look much more expensive.

Be Comfortable

Sticking with natural fabrics that breathe and move with your body is best. Remember, the quality of fabric matters just as much as the look.

Invest in pieces you will often wear, and choose fabrics that can be mixed and matched with other elements to create new outfits.

Know Your Style

Whether you’re attending a formal event, dressing for work, or want to feel put together, having the right style is essential.

It’s about much more than a great closet and an instinct for what looks good on you. It’s about establishing an external image that communicates what you stand for, which is why a personal stylist is so valuable.

Start by taking inspiration from fashion bloggers, celebrities, and even your friends to understand what styles speak to you the most.

Save pictures into a dedicated folder on your phone or make a physical mood board to identify common themes and a clear picture of your preferences.

Stay on top of fashion trends to ensure your wardrobe is updated regularly, but only pick the ones that work for you.

Adding color is an easy way to add a fresh, feminine feel to your outfits.