Whoever you voted for in the last elections or whoever your parents voted for in previous elections, today and tomorrow, we still are all American citizens.

As an American Citizens

This decision means something different to those of us who call this great US our homeland.

We’re all different in some ways, though we have such similarities as our anthems and flags in our love of our land and its emblems.

We must unite under our common flag, sing our anthems and be the greatest and most respected nation in the world.

Take look all over the world. There are also people who want what we have in countries that would hurt us.

They feel our independence and freedoms. These people are envious of what we take for granted.

Are we prepared to sacrifice what we have because we are weakened in government policies?

What we must do now is Focus on a New kind of Patriotism

usa flag swimsuite

“New Patriotism” What does that mean? Maybe it is time for the people of our great nation to agree to ignore our differences for the good of the country.

We must establish a shared viewpoint on where the US goes. It’s up to us to work for the American that we should all be proud of.

What’s our legacy going to be? History saw us as a generous and kind country.

For us to afford the privilege of kindness and hospitality, strength and stability are required.

We will have to unite and become a nation again to sustain this strength and prosperity. Our patriotism will be the foundation of this unification.

We still had a deep patriotism. In many military and spiritual challenges, it has fortified us. Our founding fathers knew what patriotism was all about.

It has always been a great disrespect to challenge openly another man’s patriotism.

We must look deep inside ourselves to lift a new kind of patriotic feeling that can be felt by all Americans. A patriotism that the Americans will once again hold high and challenge only in the worst of times and circumstances.

Who knows where Patriotism is Growing?

Our next battlefield will need a few new heroes and heroines. In those around us, each of us has the ability to improve.

It might not lead anyone to change their views, but it may well seed that blossoms weeks or months later. A true show of your American pride.

Our soldiers know where patriotism is grown. In any hard fight for democracy and justice, it grows. Every country we support in the world casts a shadow. It is understood by our soldiers. Should we not?

How are you showing your American pride?

Patriotic Shirts

We should not be ashamed of our love for the country. We must feel free to share it comfortably. Isn’t that the spirit of the base of America?

In many ways, American patriots display their patriotism. Certain patriots are red, white, and blue.

Some patriotic souls wear old glory flags as pins, US Flag hats, Patriotic Shirts, and even bake flag-shaped cookies.

The point is to show it if you feel patriotic pride! It is not difficult to find many great patriotic gifts and patriotic ideas for gifts.

There are a number of patriotic websites and shops. Some of these platforms also offer the lowest price patriotic stuff.

That’s patriotic pride now. Showing your pride is just the first step, whatever you do. It’s next to share the pride.

Try to inspire friends and neighbors, by buying a set of American label clothing and handing it over to someone you see one day, to display their American patriotism.

Others can not understand or support your pride. This offers a great opportunity for the patriotic “bridge-building” that we in this country need so badly.

If someone gives you a hard time for wearing to wear stars and jackets or play basketball with a basketball red, white, and blue, remind them only that no matter who you voted for at the last elections or even who your parents voted at the last elections, today and tomorrow we are all still Americans.

Just Show your American pride!