Amazing Hair Volume


“Big Hair” and by that, we mean great voluminous hair is almost always in vogue. But sometimes it is not that easy to get your hair in perfect shape.

So that you succeed, we asked the stars of the hairdressing scene for their best tips for hair with volume, let’s blow-dry together!

1. The Right Care of Powerful Volume:

We’ve got some good news for everyone who, until now, thought fine hair, care and volume don’t mix. With good products and high-quality ingredients, you can even care for your lifeless hair without weighing it down and at the same time prepare it for the subsequent volume styling.

Basically, if it fits into your daily schedule, The market is bursting with countless diverse products to style your hair. Hairsprays, mousses, gel, clay, and creams.

So a lot of choices, but which one contributes to the desired volume effect?

Cream, clay, and mousse are good options anyway but go for the right shape, as they can also be quite different from each other.

Whatever you choose, some hair mousse on top can give you some extra volume.

2. Avoid Heat and Choose the Right Styling Products:

After careful towel drying, a drying accelerator is applied which, in addition to saving time, makes it possible to limit the use of the hairdryer.

When the latter is activated, the hot air is avoided and the drying process is carried out upside-down, which allows the desired volume to be supplied from the outset.

When the hair is very fine, it is better not to use a serum or a cream that is too nourishing.

These solutions run the risk of weighing down the hair fibre and therefore of accentuating the “flat hair” effect.

A suitable styling mousse, on the other hand, can take off the roots, coat and give substance to the entire hair.

When styling your hair with Volume Care Styling Mousse you get more volume in your hair, even if you have long, straight hair .

Just massage a small amount into the hairline and blow-dry your hair with a round brush. This way you immediately create a volume effect.

Research has shown that a short head massage works wonders: so while you blow-dry your hair, you massage your scalp with small, circular movements.

This way you create more volume in the hairline.


The hair washing has nothing to do with the volume? Not correct! Wash your hair thoroughly so that no residue weighs down the hair. All you have to do is follow a few basic rules:

a. After applying the shampoo to the roots of the hair, spread the foam towards the ends. The ends of your hair are always drier and brittle.

So never rub the ends. b. If you are using conditioner and mask, do not apply to hair roots.

Because these products straighten the hair and make it heavier. c. Wash you scalp regularly.

This will increase blood circulation and regenerate dead cells. d. Do not wash your hair every day. This can damage the protective layer of your hair.

This can cause your hair to weaken and loose volume. It is more logical to use dry shampoo than to wash hair every day.

4. COLORS & CUTS WORK WONDERS: / Be smart with cuts & colors:

Women with fine hair in particular often want more volume. The right hairstyle or the right haircut can work wonders.

The volume bob is a real classic and still very much on-trend. It is important that the bob is cut in layers so that the hair arches inward. The hair is left a little longer at the front than at the back of the head.

Likewise, coloration with warm reflections for brunettes or light highlights for blondes act like an optical illusion and automatically conjure up more volume in thin hair.

In addition, the cuticle of the individual hair swells up slightly during dyeing, which makes the hair more grippy and makes it look fuller.

“Techniques like “balayage” and “baby lights” are also real volume boosters.

5. Eat better:

Finally, we often tend to forget it, but diet also plays an essential role in the health of the hair.

So, to have a dream mane, we do not hesitate to put on our plate foods rich in iron, vitamins C, zinc, and proteins.

Lentils, eggs, almonds and walnuts, seafood, salmon, wheat germ, bananas, and kiwi are all foods which, eaten regularly, allow to nourish the hair well.