Haircare. It should be simple, shouldn’t it? But there are so many myths and so much conflicting advice that it can be tricky to know what to believe.

So we did the research and we’ve uncovered 4 often believed myths you need to stop buying into today.

1. Cold Water Hair Washing Makes Hair Shinier

False. No. Sorry, but there’s no evidence to suggest that washing your hair in cold water is going to make it any shinier.

So please, unless it’s hot outside and you’re voluntarily diving into a cold shower to cool down, stop torturing yourself with freezing showers.

It won’t make your hair any shinier.

2. Brushing Your Hair More Makes it Healthier

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This is another myth we’re sorry to say. By all means, brush your hair and style each morning as you see fit.

But brushing it more isn’t going to make it healthier at all. There’s no scientific evidence to support that at all, but arguably some research to suggest overbrushing might damage cuticles.

So what should you do? Brush when you need to and no more.

3. Plucking out grey hairs makes more of them grow back


There is no evidence to suggest that plucking out grey hairs will make any more grow back in their place. It’s another myth.

But of course, if you’re paying enough attention to pluck out solitary grey hairs, then there’s a chance you might just notice more you didn’t notice before.

So the plucking itself won’t make more grey hairs grow, but it might draw your attention to those already there.

4. You shouldn’t wash your hair every day

False. Sort of.

 As long as you’re using a gentle shampoo and conditioner, you should wash your hair as frequently as you need to.

Everyone’s hair is different. For some people, they can go days without washing and their hair feels great.

For others, it’s greasy within 24 hours. You know your hair. Wash as you need to.

But it would be worth making sure you’re using a shampoo and conditioner that are gentle on your hair, particularly if you’re washing daily.

Always check first!

Whenever you hear a tip or a piece of advice about haircare that tells you to make significant changes to your current routine, just check it out first.

Look for any scientific evidence to support the claim and if you can’t find any, then don’t worry about it.

It may well be just another hair myth!